Thursday, November 17, 2011

Taking Flight

    If I was given the choice of any super power I would have to decide the power of flight. It would not have to be decorative with beautiful angel wings, or simple bird wings. I would enjoy just the ability to control myself in  flight. Flying would be very beneficial to me compared with other powers because I would be able to have a simpler and more enjoyable transportation capability and mostly, I would be special and different from everyone else in the world. I have been on planes several times in my life and honestly I become scared because I lack the trust to give to the machinery. But if I knew that I was in control then I would be more comfortable. The main connection I can relate flying with is my dreams.
The closest thing to experience I have to flying would have to be in my dreams. Unlike the people who always forget their dreams, I remember all of mine. If it weren’t for these dreams I would have maybe considered other powers besides flying. I have been dreaming since I was young, and I have had hundreds of dreams about forms of flying. There is gliding, floating, and soaring through the air in each of these specific dreams. I may have wings in some, and others I may just be able to slowly glide down to land. In one dream I had dreamt that I had escaped being trapped in a giant mansion. It was dark out and I was suddenly in my neighborhood with smaller houses. I soon discovered, almost by instinct, that I could use my arms to push the air and lift myself up. I had quickly mastered how to fly in the dream (not being real of course) and flew all around the trees and woods that circled my neighborhood. I was ecstatic about my ability and had loved it through out the whole dream. It was definitely a disappointment to wake up to. In a few of my dreams, while I was much younger, I found myself struggling to stay afloat and control where I was headed. Sometimes I would have great trouble even starting to fly in the first place. But, as soon as I began to have my more controlled flying dreams, I soon became more amazed by the light and false feelings it gave me. I would feel free and happy as I flew anywhere I desired.
Based off of the feelings I have experienced from my flight in dreams, I would have no choice but to choose the power to be able to fly. There are thought to be meanings behind dreams by certain cultures, people, and beliefs, and I am planning to look more into dreams and their meanings to help explore my experiences and desires. Flight can be very helpful and exhilarating for me. And I would prefer it over any other super powers every time.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Gotye - Hearts A Mess

The song 'Hearts A Mess', sung by the artist Wouter DeBacker, is a deep song indicating a small underlining point. Gotye, the artist name DeBacker goes by, sings about how one's specific love wont open their heart to anybody else, seen by the listener's perspective. The lyrics show how the other person has a fear of allowing people in, thinking they are safe from the rest of the world's pains because they wont allow their emotions and thoughts to show. The final saying Gotye sings, "Love ain't safe, You won't get hurt if you chaste, So you can wait, But I don't want to waste my love" (Gotye), represents a strong piece of speech on how if you keep to yourself love won't hurt you, but the perspective of the reader/listener sees how one doesn't want to waste their love on someone who wont allow them to personally connect to them. Gotye strongly makes a point about how one protects themselves to make their life easier, but makes it more of a struggle for other's.
Gotye's video is a simple color toned animation that has it's own similar meaning. The first image given is a long slimming black figure sitting on the moon. Once it jumps down to a dark, flat land, a spider joins him and then Gotye's face appears on the taller creature as he begins to walk and sing. The song itself is calming with Gotye's smooth voice, and the simple drum beats in the background harmony. The spider follows behind him, creating a coveting darkness behind it. They walk through a marching line with menacing, tall dog-like figures that hold guns and carry an old man. He wears a gas mask is holding crutches, and also has a tank of tear gas (I assume by the looks of it) on his back. The indication given to me at first was war. The rows of soldiers marching with a crippled man with a gas mask. This shows a fear of war almost, because he leaves the army-like group to follow the singer. As the group continues across the wasteland they pick up several more lonely characters. A wrecked pelican carrying a tied up back on it's back, as if it's running away like a child would, a crying beast that hid in a forest of peering eyes, carrying wood and an ax, a miserable looking wrecking-ball who was wrecking smaller buildings, a dragon headed man, who rows continuously in circles in the ocean on a lonely, floating piece of ice, and then the soul of a man who was being mourned by several other gathered men. Gradually the eight of them all walk around the planet, in search to protect themselves from the dangers around them as the spider strings out the darkness covering the planet behind them. During the last saying of the song (quoted before), they climb one another to reach above the clouds, where they all begin to float away as the planet darkens, representing almost their individual freedoms from the outside, dark, wretched world.