Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Personal Compass

          In class we have drafted and outlined our own Personal Compasses. My own consisted of four main topics: Instinct, Independence, Creativity, and Perspective. Each of these traits help push me to make my own decisions and contribute to my own morals. My Personal Compass is overall what I live by.
          The first main trait I had decided to place on my compass was Instinct. This is a natural thing that everyone has, even animals. We all have natural reactions that tell us what is wrong and right. I follow my instincts more than anything else in my life. Whenever I am in a situation of picking between two separate choice my instinct almost immediately tells me which I would rather choose and go with. Also, almost every time I follow my instinct, the end of the entire situation turns out for the better. Instinct leads you to the right path almost every time, and it has always positively influenced my life.
           Another trait that I put on my Personal Compass was Independence. Independence is a more secluded, yet helpful, way that I am able to have. I see it as a way of being proud, self-sufficient, and more self associated. Being independent can allow someone to be able to work alone in situations without needing help. I use my own independence often to do school projects because if someone who presents poor work wants to be my partner in a project, then I will able able to say no and work alone with out an obstacle in my way. I see independence as a beneficiary trait because when I am older, and no one is there to help me up,  I will be able to control the environment I live in by myself. Although I admire the functions of Independence, I believe that the offers of help from others is always a good thing to accept as long as you know the limits of responsibility.
    My third personal piece is Perspective. Perspective is how something is seen and understood. Everyone has a different perspective, but some of them may be similar. I see perspective as a way that I can connect to other’s thoughts and emotions. I want to be able to understand why people react to certain situations and not just assume why. I try to use different perspectives everyday of my life and I plan to broaden my horizons. Perspective helps me make better decisions that benefit not only me, but also others. If you are able to see from many perspectives than I feel as if that would help craft you into a better person who can help others.
    Lastly, my strongest personal trait is Creativity. This is how I define myself and compare to others. I see my imagination as unlimited and constantly changing. It helps me come up with different choices, express myself, and even influence other people. Everyone has creativity, but they all have different ways of showing it. I feel as if creativity is what makes me stand out from the crowd. I have my own imagination, with my own thoughts that no one will be able to fully understand. I don’t see it so much as a bad thing, but more of my own personal bubble which I can keep to myself. Everyone has their own personal bubble.

     Today in class, me and four other students (Sydney, Daniel, and Chandler) all connected our Personal compasses together to show that not only we are all connected, but that we also can share our seperate veiws. This is our Crafting Video for our Personal Compasses


  1. I like how you included independence on your compass. Being independent is a good trait to learn at our age because it helps us prepare for the "real world." I also like what you said about creativity, and how it serves as each persons personal bubble. What kind of outlets do you use to express your creativity?

  2. Tyler,
    Your moral compass is composed of four very good values. I like the perspective one because I feel that more people should have that attitude of not assuming before they actually know.The independance one is also important especially at the time we're in, going off to college and leaving the nest. Good Job!

  3. Your post seems well written Tyler,and you really expand upon your four points in great detail. Some of your points left some questions on my mind though. Is it possible to be be independent but still have perspective on the way other people think and feel? How exactly does your creativity help you express yourself and influence other people (I presume your talking about drawing).

    Overall, color me impressed. Whatever that means.

  4. Couldn't agree more with independence. I also take pride in being able to complete projects all by myself and not have to worry about people getting in the way and hindering my ability. Lets say someone really wants to help you with something even though they may not be the most experienced in whatever your working on. Would you allow them or turn them away?

  5. I love your instinct value. I never thought of it as that way. Has your instinct ever led you to do something bad? You are one of the most creative people I know and I am so glad that you value it this much.

  6. Finally. I agree completely with your direction of instinct. Honestly I don't think morals are something you choose, but I guess something you unconsciously develop over time. Even more than that, they're genetically imprinted into your mind. We know when something is right or wrong. We don't have the explanation for it; it simply just is right or wrong.